Shitenhouji Photsession
has completed the photo session "Shitenhouji" ドキドキ

me as Kintaro Toyama

Yukina as Yuuji Hitouji

Thanks to Maru kun have been willing to be kameko

Very exciting and fun I'm always excited べーっだ! グー

yes, because Yuuya kun ah not it's because Kin chan.


The hot air does not make me tired. But I realized that something was wrong in my body after from photosession

I collapsed. Colds, headaches, queasy


I  forget didn't got breakfast and take vitamins, It does not feel during the photosession
. But now i'm okay ニコニコチョキ already take medicine

Minna san otsukare sama deshita! arigatou gozaimashita. kyou wa hontou ni tanoshikatta yo ラブラブ!





ミサの日本   だから, ぜんぜん分からない. でも 嬉しかったです




新しい 友達 [ 日本人 かとうかインドネシア人か],  会いた.

初めてから, どきどきになりました. 皆さ 優しいです

ありがとうために, ミサで参加することを 許しました

そのミサを分かる ために もっと 頑張って と思った

はじめまして ひぐちさん, かとうちえこさん,かとう とものりさん, マリアさん, さとうさん, Dias さんそして 神父 神父のグループ. どうぞよろしくお願いします

love forever

Minna san ogenki desu ka?

Tomorrow is Valentine's day. Already prepare a cute & sweet gift for you bf/gf? i hope you already prepare it.

I've done photosession in my home. Can't wait to celebrate Valentine's day tomorrow.

gifts must not a chocolate and flowers even though it is the mascot of Valentine's Day.

Gift should not be given to the bf / gf. could be given to the people we love. For those who are single do not worry. gifts can be given to close friends and family or people we like

gifts can be a doll/plushie,sweet and cute handmade. pastries, tarts and whatever you want to give from your heart as sincere.

today I really happy. Has to realize the project "Valentine's Day"

Maru kun thanks chocolate biscuits also have cameras that take pictures of us.

Yukina chan. Uwaaaaa .. finally you visited to my house. I was very happy. Next time we do it again

Ingrid san, " どうぞよろしくお願いします ~" Sorry to bother you. Get-well soon

My original Characters @Valentine's Days

Me as 柳沢 翔

Maru kun as 片岡 優月

Yukina chan as 中村 とおる

Many properties are needed. Mostly the chocolate and biscuits. A cute gift box. Plushies and I have been decorating. ASAP for photos

Very tiring but I'm really excited. Time will not be forgotten.

みんなさん本当にありがとうございました また こんど おねがいします

HelloFest 2012 part 2
according to my promise, I will continue posting Hellofest's pictures rest of of my cameras shot.

Still can't posting this @ my ameblo, WHY???!!!

appeared in press release and television , said that next year will be held for 2 days. I thought it was useless, because visitors will be more than this year. I hope the committee to find a big place for adequate of number of visitors

Atsu as Fuu, Kirara as Umi and me @toilet and we did make up before meet and greet with friends

Cathy as Kagamine Rin Moe desuuu~~~ and Kirara too

Yuuji , Hey! What are you doing with my Kirara "MY" ??? #Lol jyodan da yo~

ASai Tomoko as Hatsune Miku. To-Tomoko...Since when you got piercing on your lips? Maji???!!!

me and Yukina so tired we only sat in the carpet, did fangirling, laugh and tell about anything.

Sooooo FUN!

HelloFest 2012 part 1
Ohayou minna san~ Genki desu ka? パー ニコニコ

Today i'll write my Hellofest report yesterday. Hellofest this year is so crazy, very very very full of people, visitor and cosplayer. Doubled from the last year. sucks. everywhere in line. almost did not get parking.

but I'm happy to meet with friends. being crazy, laughing loudly, say hello, take pictures, fangirling.

Really tired, do not even feel hungry at all.

btw i can't posting at my ameblo カリンのブログ alway error when processing. "Why" ?

Naruto Art book : Anindita as Sakura, Nyken as Naruto and Yukina as Sasuke Yukina chan is handsome, Nyken so funny (of course with her bf) and ANindita cho kawaii~

Shiina and Olla Gate 7 Clamp

Nabilla chan Kawaiii~~~

Purru as Kubinashi and Yukina Purru you're always cute and kakkoi, shota style. I like you

Dark san as Tinkerbell

Usa as Wonder Women. You're real wonderful girl

Meister Biowan , Yoroshiku~

Me and Maru kun Me as Toyama Kintaro

Kin chan and Atobe sama, me and Agito

Next Photo i'll posting at next entry. Jyaa mata! パー

Angel -Devil and Lost Memory
Yoru suffered amnesia after a traffic accident nearly claimed his life. Since amnesia, each time trying to remember his past again, Yoru, sees a strange events that had never seen before and will happen. Yoru's life changed drastically unnoticed by him, he often visited a cathedral and met with a friendly young priest, Mao. Mao is a mysterious figure who knows the past and related  Yoru actual original figure.

Feel comfortable being in a cathedral and interested in life there, Yoru decided to stay there and find out about her past life. The first day in parish residence, he met some new friend, Souma who became a friend of one room and his classmate, Kouga, is an orphan who during the infant was found at the front gate of the Cathedral, spent his childhood with the Altar Servers, Taizo, senpai who is a duty as a Brother with his two friends Kouki and Takami, they are an Exorcist. The three of them are reliable, protective Cathedral, God's chosen warrior. Also Yoru returns to meet with Mao, who became a mentor and teacher during his stay in the Cathedral and Akito, a Pastor reserved, rigid, obedient to the rules and always be cold, do not hesitate to give punishment on students.

Running the day-to-day in the Cathedral did not dampen the determination Yoru, precisely the danger for the sake of danger came one by one after life Yoru. Nothing else which distinguish his opponent. A mysterious young man handsome and cool attitude came suddenly trying to kill Yoru. Shino, who is the youth Archangel, Mao's mortal enemy, for no apparent reason why Shino hates descent Falen Angel and continue to destroy them, including Yoru and Mao, who is considered the main target. Eien, a Son of pure Fallen Angel  supreme leader who has been named as the Fallen Angel, a strong ambition to finish Yoru. Eien also has strong links with the past Yoru. Together with the belief, Naizen, the second strongest after Eien in Fallen Angel and the seventh Eien loyal followers. Kaio, young boy have cute face with sly smiles and innocent but deadly pretentious attitude. Sen, quiet and only speak when necessary, preferring to stand in the corner rather than join his friends. Ishi big and strong, has incredible strength scary. He was able to transform themselves into a dragon and will destroy anything if it does not control its own strength. Kagehisa, Tensai an arrogant, obnoxious attitude that often make her friends mad. Kagehisa often speak casually, whether it's satirical or said bluntly. He also often underestimate the abilities of others. Jou, soldiers Fallen Angel that so sloppy. Easy emotions and most hated by the defeat. His figure is violent and scary, had ever fight with Shino. Wound in his face is losing a receipt and until now he still bury revenge on Shino. Tadashi, owner of a beautiful face, soft and smiling. His mind was unpredictable, even Eien  never understand the attitude of the mysterious Tadashi. Tadashi always predict things right and people who can relax in the act, other than that Tadashi is one who can relieve emotional Ishi Jou and restore its original form.

Then, who Yoru in the past? Why there are two beings in one body Yoru? What links Yoru-Mao-Shino and Fallen Angel?


Happy Birthday Hide Sama [If im not wrong this day]

お誕生日おめでとう ヒデ様


they really deserve to shine

After I fell in love with Kuranosuke Shiraishi, I quietly switched on Kajimoto Takahisa, Captain of Josei Shonan. characters that only exist in anime of PoT is not in the manga. Too bad, but if included in Butai definitely better. If if Josei Shonan entry in Tenimyu Butai, about who deserves to be Kajimoto huh? Kajimoto a serious person and speaking softly, like a mature attitude Shiraishi, only Shiraishi still can be funny. Ah ~ why the sudden I was like Kajimoto huh? Bishounen? Sure. But I'm only interested in Kajimoto.


"Hey! That's cheating !..."

Out of the most handsome just Kajimoto. If the twins, and Kohei Yehei them annoying characters and have a high prestige, but they're cute ne ~, tsundere type ne ~? Ah but I still like Kajimoto.

"Hey! Why Kajimoto again?"

Gomen ~

The rest? Ah ~ do not need to be discussed, I'm not interested in them. Hahahahahaaa ...* cruel *

Later do like the character rivals. Except Hyoutei. I do not like that's school, too arrogant and never willing to accept the fact, if Tenimyu hell I like, hahahahaa ... because I follow the Shitenhouji Tenimyu so I so love the school. Come to think they are cute and fun. Only,  jokes too over and did not even funny at all.

Baka watashi OTZ
I finally ventured to add it, Gosh ... why one-one continue? which part is wrong? oh ... stupid me ~ when I add Dragonise san (san Lauriane) in ameba successful. We will continue to add Halu always Error .

Weird ...* scratching head * already the 3rd time. Death to me when to send 3 messages to Halu. XDDD. Later he thought, less work, destabilize inbox. Hahahaha ... Gomen ne ~ out how again? I really do not know why can one continue.

Dragonise san ~ Could you help me?


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